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The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 9 | Most People Think We are CRAZY!

It's true... most people, outside of network marketing, think we are CRAZY!!

I can't really blame an outsider for thinking I am crazy. Especially those that have known me for a long time. No one actually comes out and says it, in a mean way. They sound as if they are joking, but I know they are thinking... WHACKO!!

To us, those that have put all of our stakes into our dreams, it's not crazy. There is so much to owning our lives! It takes habits that most people aren't willing to commit to. It takes self-talk, that... quite frankly, if anyone heard us would probably try to have us committed to an asylum! It takes persistence and a positive attitude, even on those days that your soul is bruised from all of the beating is has taken. It takes a mindset that requires a complete reversal of how most people were taught to believe and live their whole lives. And to most, that is crazy.

In my particular case, after having a rough go with a company, I became cynical and in some cases; hateful to people for no reason. I was taking the pain out on people that didn't deserve it. I was confrontational and... well, a mean person.

Then, to what would seem to others, overnight... I am speaking positive things to those same people. I am reaching out to help others in network marketing and mlm. I am doing my positive self-talk driving down the road. I am using products that you can only get through mlm distributors and feeling better. I am seeing things in a light that I had dimmed for a while. I guess a doctor of psychiatry would call me bi-polar! That's a good one.

The truth is, we learn to create our own reality. We learn to shut out the naysayers, and we learn to be generous. We learn that we can't do everything on our own.

My mentor said it best, and I am paraphrasing, when he compared building Network Marketing business to building a skyscraper.

You can't build a skyscraper with one person... you need crane operators, steel workers, electricians, welders, pipe fitters, general laborers, plumbers, and the list goes on. Otherwise the skyscraper never gets built!

Same with a Network Marketing business. You can't build it alone. You need all types of personalities and you need people that need your products. You need customers, other distributors. You have to work as a team, all on the same page on one accord.

You sure can't attract those people without being a person that you, yourself wouldn't even want to be around. So we start with us. We build ourselves, because if we went out and tried to sell products with a crappy attitude... people would just go buy them somewhere else from a nice person. Same with building your team. Why would anyone want to learn from an unpleasant person, and work with them every day? They wouldn't.

Another reason people think we are crazy...

The Network Marketing and MLM industries have gotten a bad name from shady people and greedy companies. The reason most new marketers fail isn't because they are just bad at it, they fail because the majority of these companies make it so difficult for the part-timer to earn any money and they just quit. Their compensation plans are set up for the heavy hitters and just use up the "common" marketer for a couple of sales before they quit. This, definitely, gives this industry a bad name. When we tell our friend and family what we are doing, they roll their eyes and reluctantly say... Great! Good luck with that! And in some cases, they have every right to feel that way... but we aren't crazy, we just want a better way!

Crazy? Yes, if Crazy is following my dreams!

I remember when I told my wife I found my mentor. She was there when everything fell apart with a company I really liked. She had seen me fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, and fail so many times... yet, she did her best to be encouraging. She laughed it off at first, then my attitude started changing for the better. I started moving toward a definite purpose, day by day. She noticed that this might just be different. I explained to her that this was my last go... not because I expected to fail, because this is the one time I go all in and build something that will shake the ground in which we walk!

I know, you are thinking I am crazy just from that last sentence!

Seriously though... I have never, in my life, had anyone that has invested so much into me and my dreams as my mentor. I don't think he is crazy, but hey... we might just be. To be honest, if this is crazy... I never want to be sane!!!

So if you are reading this and you are a network marketer, or have been in and out and not sure how to really get it going... you are not alone, and there is real hope. 

We don't think you are crazy, in fact; you would be right at home with our mastermind group!

Shoot me an email - , tell me about your experiences. Tell me what you are doing now or what you have done in the past with network marketing and mlm. Let's connect and let's be crazy together!

Til Next Time,

John Wiser
"Be a Mentor With a Servant's Heart"


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