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The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 6 | The Definition of a Mentor

Day 12 - The Paradigm Shift into being a Real Mentor

To be quite honest with you, there was a few days that I did not really see myself as a mentor. Then, it was in the middle of writing a post on what I received from reading the chapter on persistence in "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, that it clicked. Some would call it an "Aha" moment. I call it one of the most excited states of vibration my body has ever encountered!

I had been questioning my credibility as a mentor based on what I believed other people that knew me, thought of me. Oh man, how silly is that. As mentioned in the chapter, many fail to persist based on their fear of criticism. This is a fear that lives deeply embedded in our habits that it can be difficult to remove. In my case, it was instantly removed. I came to the reality that I DO NOT CARE what other people think of me and it feels good!

So, being a mentor... what is it?

In my own experience, a mentor is someone that will guide you, teach you, be honest with you, is objective, and overall a positive reinforcement to help you through the speedbumps that are scattered along the path of life. A mentor is not just someone that will help you make a ton of money in your MLM or network marketing efforts. No, a mentor is someone that will take you through the path of least resistance on your way to achieve your goals; bot in business and in life.

So, a mentor is a "Sunshine Pumper?"

Far from it! Of course a mentor is a positive light, but far from a sunshine pumper. In some cases, a mentor could say something that makes us upset and in some cases; mad. The funny part is, we are upset or mad only because what we had heard is true and to fix it, we must depart from our comfort zone. Know this, the mentor always has our best interests in mind and will never ask us to do something that will hurt us or anyone else. They never ask us to do something that, they themselves have never done.

John, are you a mentor?

You know what... Yes! Yes I am. The main reason being, I honestly care about the growth and development of any coachable network marketer that has has not had the success that they had hoped for, but know that it is very possible to achieve. I am a mentor because I have walked through some tough times, and with persistence, maturity, and the guidance of my own mentor; I have success on a daily basis.

I am also a mentor because mentoring is not just about teaching someone to earn money in network marketing or MLM. No, it's about life-transformation and passing the torch onto those in which I personally mentor so they, themselves can mentor those that need them! It's a beautiful thing, a reciprocal payoff that taps into the true nature of what the law of attraction really is!

Some amazing happenings today!

Also, today - My second grandchild is now being born as I type this. She is coming into this world with no fears, no embedded habits... a clean slate! I am so proud and absolutely elated to welcome her into this world and when she looks at me for the first time, she will know that "Papa John" loves her more than words!

Our team offers Mentoring for Free...

Yes, Mentoring for Free is a real thing. We do not want anything from you, we only want to give you the skills, confidence, and tools you need to live your dreams. We never mention any company or try to sell anything to anyone.

So, if you have had a hard road with Network Marketing and/or MLM, or have been absolutely burned by some hot shot recruiter... we are here for you.

I strongly urge you to contact me, regardless of what company you are working with, no matter what the outside voices are saying to you.

3 ways to contact me:

1. Comment below - I will answer all comments
2. Email -
3. Website -

I hope to hear from you soon! Remember - you are perfect the way you are, your lack of success in Network Marketing is NOT your fault.

Til Next Time,
John Wiser
Mentor with a Servant's Heart


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