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The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 4 - Downtime and Recharge

Day - 10ish - something like that!

Friday and part of Saturday were more of a break from network marketing than anything. I had some things to attend to during the early part of Friday and was running on some low batteries, so I took the opportunity to enjoy some family time and watch my 7 year old play his final basketball game of the season. It was bittersweet, and I am super proud of him. He is a huge part of my "WHY" that drives me in my mentoring and business growth.

I took some time to reflect on the past week and a half and realized that I had made some great strides in my branding efforts. I started overcoming a long time fear of video blogging. I didn't have a huge audience, but who does when they first start? I have seen bands that have made some big waves start in dives with only other band members and their girlfriends in the audience in their humble beginnings, so I am not at all worried about my progression.

As far as my business side, I did pick up another customer today, and that is always great. I was able to make someone happy and add another customer to my client list. I love customers, they are what makes business great. I don't go around asking people to join my business opportunity or MLM. Never will. I barely even tell people what I know what business I am working with, other than Mentoring for Free because that is my true passion. Helping others.

I have found that doing tasks, that I used to dread and put off, are therapeutic and very rewarding. Washing my vehicle this morning was one the most fun things I have done in a while. I had my son out helping me. Normally, I run through an auto wash... but not today, I wanted to take the time scrubbing, vacuuming, and wiping to allow my mind to open with new ideas and clear out the unwanted mess. It surely did the trick. I didn't think about anything but new ways to find people to help.

I did open up 2 new campaigns to find those that are struggling and are even on the brink of giving up network marketing and MLM. I want the to know, it's not their fault and I want to truly help them. It all began with a simple paradigm shift that manifested two great ideas that will be very successful. I am testing now to share with others that I am able to mentor on down the road.

It's also a great time in my world... in 2 days, my new grand daughter will be here and we are all awaiting her arrival! Business never sleeps, however I will be taking a short "nap" this coming Monday! =)

I think I will just leave it at that tonight... Have a great day and remember, you are successful... you just may not have been coached properly.

Til Next time,
John Wiser


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