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The Journey of a Network Marketer | Part 3 - Building Rapport

Why in the world would you spend time building rapport?

That is the question that I bet many would ask that expect network marketing to be an instant money maker. They get their sales kit and boom, everyone joins and they make annual income in a month. WRONG!!

Day 9 - What an amazing day! Seriously, it was one of those days that everything just looked brighter. The sun was shining on everything and it was all because of one thing... my attitude.

I am no super hero, but I did some exercises on my way to my temporary place of employment today as I listened to a video of Abraham Hicks. If you do not know of this, and you are serious about changing the results you are seeking... do yourself a favor and get on their YouTube channel. I have the video I was listening to below.

So, I did these exercises and projected my vibrations that I am magnetic. I projected that I am a trusted mentor. By the time I arrived in the parking lot, I was looking for someone to talk to. I had an amazing conversation all the way to the building from my parking spot, and then... when I went in... It was so trippy!

We have a Starbucks in our building and I usually don't go there, I just drink the free swill in the break areas. But I decided to go this morning. As I was waiting for my coffee, I noticed a young lady that made eye contact and I immediately belted out a huge "HI!" She received it in such a positive way that everyone in the shop started smiling and the lights just looked brighter.

Now, mind you, I had been projecting that I was a trusted mentor and a motivational leader... the craziest thing happened. The young lady started staring at me in a playful, yet determined look. She was thinking hard and before I could say anything, she pointed and said loudly, "YOU'RE Famous!" I laughed at first and then I remembered and I said, "Why Yes! Yes I am!" This opened up a great dialogue, that led to her asking me if I was a motivational speaker. Chills ran up and down my spine and my entire body was tingling because at that moment, my vibrations were aligned with what I was projecting.

I told her, you are a fortune teller and you are seeing into the future. I asked her name, and we exchanged our names and I told her that I would talk to her soon because my purpose is revealing itself in such a way that people are showing up in ways that I could never imagine. This is rapport. I did not know this woman from any of the other 500 people that work in this building, but now she knows me as John, the motivational speaker. While playful, I have always dreamed of doing such a thing and what an amazing feeling.

Fast forward a few hours, I got an instant message from my wife that our son was having a massive pain in his ear and needed to be picked up from school. So, I finished my tasks at work and rushed home to take him to the Dr. so my wife could finish her meal prepping for her customers, since today is pickup day.

I came home and I took my son to a walk-in clinic near our house that i had actually been to on Monday. The doors were locked and there was sign on the door that said they had closed for good. Yesterday, this would have aggravated me. Not today. I saw this, not as a set back, but a definite reason that we were to go somewhere else. So, I called my wife and she was able to direct me to the nearest clinic just down the road.

We walked in and I was expecting. I was expecting something amazing. Let me tell you something, amazing comes in forms that are not what you would see in an action movie... no amazing comes in the form of a young man that had some spinal challenges, and the BEST attitude I had encountered since the young lady at Starbucks this morning. He looked over at my son and I, and I opened with a big ole, Hi! He stopped and said... "You're famous!" "I know you, I have seen you before and it was something good." This time, I received it and told him that I am famous and it was my pleasure to meet him. His name was Cody and I complimented him on his amazing attitude!

Okay, so what in the world does this have to do with Network Marketing??

EVERYTHING! It has everything to do with network marketing. Network marketing is a relationship business. To create and build a relationship with someone you do not know requires a first step, and this first step is building rapport. While I was not out looking to promote my MLM business or mentoring for free, I was out just sending vibrations to people as a bit of a test to see people receive my genuine vibrations. IT WORKED!

To be excellent at something requires us to study something. I am moving into being excellent with relationships and the study never sleeps! I can only recommend this video below, what you do with it is totally up to you.

I really hope that someone has read this and found some joy, because I sure did in sharing it with you!

Remember - YOU are the only one in control of your future. I write this blog mainly for those who have not had the best of luck in network marketing or MLM and encourage you to reach out to me. You can comment or contact me at - You are more than welcome to contact me any time. All emails will be answered and I will never try to sell you anything, I only wish to do my best to help.

Until Next time - Stay aligned with your dreams!

John Wiser
Famous Guy! =)


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