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The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 10 | Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path - You could say that is where I am living these days.

Why did I choose to talk about the path? Isn't this a network marketing blog? Yes... it is, and there is a method to the madness.

Along the "beaten" path, so to speak, I found myself running up and down, to and fro, with my hair on fire... throwing mud against the wall and expecting it to stick. I just ended up with a dirty wall and dirty shoes from running down that dusty path.

What is the beaten path?

Okay, enough metaphor. The beaten path is all of that activity that I did, repeatedly, expecting different results. Or as some would say, INSANITY! lol

I was trying to turn carpenters into ballerinas, going through lists, buying leads, over-posting products, selling useless signups, building lists from other people's lists (yes, that is a thing), and all of this mess that yielded little or no real results in my network marketing efforts.

The beaten path is lined with snake oil salesmen and carnival barkers; all with the "Secret" to your success - with a price tag, of course. Endless lists of "auto-pilot" tools to do your work for you and take you to the land of millionaires without lifting a finger. 

Oh, you've been on the beaten path, eh?

How do we get to the unbeaten path?

Oh, the conundrum... the million dollar question! Want the answer?

First thing, and I sound like a broken record, find a mentor - Simple? Yes, however search at your own peril. Their are many wolves in sheep's clothing that will drain your bank account to tell you what you are doing wrong and sell you countless hours of material that will only tell you what you already have inside of you! There's no big secret to it, there's no hidden formula that only a select few have access. 

You could search for the lost ark or the holy grail and pay handsomely to do so. What you will find is all in which you seek, is already inside of you! A true mentor will not take from you, no... we will help you unlock all of that potential that was born in you so that you, yourself can give it away! It's a beautiful thing. What's more beautiful is that it is the key to being a successful network marketer. Not flashy ads or sales pitches, car magnets or the dreaded 2 foot rule! Not at all!

The unbeaten path is the one that is unique to your own success! 

You blaze the trail and you take others with you and the duplication of this is what is the essence of legal and ethical Network Marketing! This is what Mentoring for Free teaches and gives away to anyone who is ready to stop doing things that don't work, and learn the SKILLS necessary to be a successful business leader... that, in turn, builds many leaders along the way. Such a simple concept, yet so many people over-complicate it!

The unbeaten path, my friends, is yet to be beaten. It is yours to create...

Til Next Time,

John Wiser
"Because YOU are Worth it!"


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