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Network Marketing and MLM Sponsoring vs Recruiting - Part 1 | What is the difference?

Network Marketing and MLM Sponsoring vs. Recruiting

I can go on and on about this subject, that I had to make it a series!

First of all, I am not a recruiter. In this industry, I actually dislike the word. I have personally been recruited, and treated as recruit. You know what I learned? I learned I would rather be sponsored.

So what is recruiting?

Recruiters use sales tactics to get people to join business. They use closes to back the prospect into a corner to buy pricey sales kits or distributor packs. They get the prospect to sign up, tell them to make a list of their family and friends and start hammering away. They teach that someone telling them NO is a good thing because it's all about numbers to a recruiter.

Whoa! Wait! What?

Yes, let's think about that... let's say you have been recruited into an MLM business by a heavy hitter. You were closed. You were pressured with some horse manure close like, "You need to go ahead and get your spot so you can benefit from my spillover!" So, you say yes... let's go.

If you had said NO, do you think they care? Nope, we are just numbers to recruiters. Oh, and it doesn't change once we sign the distributor agreement. Good luck getting trained by a recruiter. And seriously, do we really want to duplicate high pressure sales tactics? Heck no!!

The biggest downside of recruiting, is turnover. There is no retention because of a couple of reasons:

  1. The recruiter is taking someone that just wants to be a customer of a company and forcing, through slick talk and pressure, the prospect to do something they really don't want to do.
  2. Recruiters do not care to train, nurture, or give any real mentoring to their recruits. It slows them down and they are more focused on personal profit than the actual relationship.
  3. The new distributors will eventually fall off because of no support from the upline. It's a sad reality, but it happens every single day.
Have you been recruited? Are you in an MLM or Affiliate marketing business, right now, and your sponsor has basically left you to figure it out alone? I promise, it will be okay. I have been there, and many of the people that I work with daily have been there. Your lack of success is NOT your fault!

There is hope - Go to my Personal Website - 
Download the Free book Success in 10 Steps, by Michael Dlouhy - READ it!

There are no companies mentioned, no affiliate links trying to sell you useless tools.. Just real MLM Truths and How to do it the correct way!

So John, What is Sponsoring?

Sponsoring is what I believe makes MLM so great! Sponsoring is built through duplication of a proven system. I was actually sponsored into my current company. I get daily feedback, training, support, tweaks on how I present, and so much more. I consider my sponsor my friend. He has taught me how to be an effective and successful sponsor and I am teaching my team members the same thing that he continues to teach me every day.

When I was first sponsored, I had an amazing conversation that consisted of finding out what I my needs were and what I expected from being a leader in his team. The decisions were all mine. I was given facts, benefits, and hard truths. I had the opportunity to see all of the documents that explained what the MLM company was all about. I was shown that they are a true "5 Pillars" company. I was never closed, or pressured in any way and that goes a long way. I knew that even if I decided not to join, my sponsor and I would still remain friends and he would help me.

After I signed up, my sponsor gave me a thorough checklist of things to do to prepare for my new network marketing journey. Any questions I had and still have, he is there with an honest answer. I am guided on how to attract people that need what I am working with and also guided on when to reset and take a needed break. 

Most importantly, my sponsor has NEVER once told me to make a list of my family and friends and call them until they reluctantly agree to sit through a presentation! That, for me, is worth more value than anything else! What's more, we do not focus on asking people to join our business; instead we are encouraged to use our products and share our own experiences with people that can benefit from what have to offer. To be completely clear, I have not told anyone but a select few what I am doing and I have a healthy influx of people asking me what I do, and how they can do it.

Sponsoring is building a relationship that will last I have no doubt that my sponsor and I will be friends for the long haul. I know that the people that I currently sponsor and those that I will sponsor in the future, it will be no different.

Most importantly, a sponsor cares about our WHY!

What is our WHY? A WHY is our reason that we chose to get involved with network marketing. Our wives, husbands, children, helping our parents, time freedom, earning extra income to pay off student loans or credit cards, being able to take the vacations we want, paying off a car, buying the house we want, adding a swimming pool, college tuition for our children, not having to answer to a boss, setting our own schedule, and creating an income that will pay us even after we retire! There are so many "WHYS" out there, this is just a few that I know myself and those that I work with have!

I am a sponsor. My vision is to create sponsors that sponsor sponsors!

It all starts with a decision to change your situation for the better...

Til Next Time,
John Wiser
"Because YOU are Worth it!"


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