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Network Marketing and MLM Sponsoring vs Recruiting - Part 4 | Why I Chose to Be a Sponsor

Why I chose to be a Network Marketing Sponsor and Mentor
It's been a few days since I have posted on here, and with some good reason. I have been spending some quality time reaching out to my team, working with them and helping them move into their dreams. 

I have also been talking with some brilliant prospects and clients that have shared their stories with me. I heard their pain when they were telling me about how they had been taken advantage of by greedy companies and sponsors, I mean recruiters with huge egos. I have heard stories of having to pay hundreds of dollars to join companies and spend even more for training and materials. That did it... I already knew I was a mentor and sponsor. Just hearing these stories brought out my true passion.

I'm just one person, and my mission is to find and help as many people that I can that have been through the bad side of MLM and Network Marketing. When I first started mentoring and sponsoring, I was a bit focused on myself. Makes sen…

Network Marketing and MLM Sponsoring vs Recruiting - Part 3 | Sponsors Give and Give

A True Network Marketing Sponsor does not take, they give and give...
I have found that I am not concerned with making money anymore. I am more concerned with helping other people make money. I believe that means that I have become a sponsor! Feels pretty good to really focus on helping people that have had little or no success in Network Marketing. It just keeps making me want to give and give more. The reason this is so is because my sponsor has been the same with me. He has been there from the beginning of this journey, coaching, helping, giving me the skills I need to succeed... and I all I want to do is pass it on to my team! 

In the past 2 weeks, I have met about a dozen people that have been recruited. They were told by their recruiters that they would help them every step of the way. Out of the dozen, 8 of these people never heard from the person that recruited them after they spent upwards of $500 for a business starter kit. Two of the people I have met that I am now mentoring,…

Network Marketing and MLM Sponsoring vs Recruiting - Part 2 | Sponsors Lead by Example

MLM and Network Marketing Sponsors lead by example
I am a sponsor, and I am sponsored. My sponsor is an incredible person that has been in the industry for around 40 years. I did not find this person by accident. I sought them out after being recruited a few times and left to figure things out on my own. This person, in a short amount of time, has spend hours coaching, training, talking, advising and encouraging me. What I have found is that I am becoming a sponsor that leads by example... just as my sponsor does with my team. This is what I always believed that network marketing was about, and I am finding that it's so much fun!
My Sponsor and mentor has earned enough money to retire, his kids to retire, and their kids to accumulate enough to retire themselves in a short amount of time; yet he takes time every day to hold training and development calls 6 days a week. He takes time of his day to do 1 on 1 coaching calls with his leaders, their leaders, their leader, and so on and on…

Network Marketing and MLM Sponsoring vs Recruiting - Part 1 | What is the difference?

Network Marketing and MLM Sponsoring vs. Recruiting
I can go on and on about this subject, that I had to make it a series!

First of all, I am not a recruiter. In this industry, I actually dislike the word. I have personally been recruited, and treated as recruit. You know what I learned? I learned I would rather be sponsored.

So what is recruiting?
Recruiters use sales tactics to get people to join business. They use closes to back the prospect into a corner to buy pricey sales kits or distributor packs. They get the prospect to sign up, tell them to make a list of their family and friends and start hammering away. They teach that someone telling them NO is a good thing because it's all about numbers to a recruiter.

Whoa! Wait! What?

Yes, let's think about that... let's say you have been recruited into an MLM business by a heavy hitter. You were closed. You were pressured with some horse manure close like, "You need to go ahead and get your spot so you can benefit from my s…

The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 12 | The Path of Least Resistance

The Path of Least Resistance - How Contrary!Many MLM "recruiters" will fill the head's of their recruits that, in order to succeed, they must go through a gauntlet of failure. BOLOGNA! That is direct sales, and not Network Marketing. Honestly, as a network marketer; would you rather take the path of least resistance or go through the minefield?
Disclaimer - Networking is not super easy but it is quite simple, when done correctly!
So what is the path of least resistance?
In simple terms, if you feel good about what you are doing and know that what you are doing is going to help many people... that is the path of least resistance.
Just as a river will carve out a windy path in a mountain range, or electricity will flow through copper wire. All vibrations travel with ease down the least resistant path. It is a law of the universe and is the same in our human journey.
In my most recent experiences, every level of increasing business exposure has been through developing relationsh…

The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 11 | Momentum is Real

Momentum, in my own experienceMomentum is built through repetition of action. Positive action will yield positive momentum. I have noticed that over the past  2 weeks in  this experiment, that the momentum of my actions has taken on a life of its own. Now, of course,  this is no time to get relaxed.
I did take a day to celebrate my son's birthday, and no matter what it is we do... we need a day of rest and recharge. This particular day was a strong reminder to me why I have chosen network marketing with my chosen mastermind group. This day was amazing. It only encouraged me to build even more momentum.
The key, however, is to focus my efforts on the needs of others who share similar dreams and ambition and give them the skills to own their lives just as I am doing now. This is what makes network marketing such an amazing industry... when you are moving with a good team of leaders.
Just about 15 days or so, I began a campaign to attract marketers that may not be getting the results th…

The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 10 | Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path - You could say that is where I am living these days.Why did I choose to talk about the path? Isn't this a network marketing blog? Yes... it is, and there is a method to the madness.
Along the "beaten" path, so to speak, I found myself running up and down, to and fro, with my hair on fire... throwing mud against the wall and expecting it to stick. I just ended up with a dirty wall and dirty shoes from running down that dusty path.
What is the beaten path?
Okay, enough metaphor. The beaten path is all of that activity that I did, repeatedly, expecting different results. Or as some would say, INSANITY! lol
I was trying to turn carpenters into ballerinas, going through lists, buying leads, over-posting products, selling useless signups, building lists from other people's lists (yes, that is a thing), and all of this mess that yielded little or no real results in my network marketing efforts.
The beaten path is lined with snake oil salesmen and carnival ba…

The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 9 | Most People Think We are CRAZY!

It's true... most people, outside of network marketing, think we are CRAZY!!

I can't really blame an outsider for thinking I am crazy. Especially those that have known me for a long time. No one actually comes out and says it, in a mean way. They sound as if they are joking, but I know they are thinking... WHACKO!!

To us, those that have put all of our stakes into our dreams, it's not crazy. There is so much to owning our lives! It takes habits that most people aren't willing to commit to. It takes self-talk, that... quite frankly, if anyone heard us would probably try to have us committed to an asylum! It takes persistence and a positive attitude, even on those days that your soul is bruised from all of the beating is has taken. It takes a mindset that requires a complete reversal of how most people were taught to believe and live their whole lives. And to most, that is crazy.

In my particular case, after having a rough go with a company, I became cynical and in some cas…

The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 8 | Enjoy the Process

Enjoy the Process! 

There's something that I have noticed in my years of Network Marketing and MLM... That is , most people that get involved want the money and huge downlines without going through the process. The process is the best part. It builds character and separates the weak from those that have what it takes to succeed. As mentioned in the last post, persistence is the most valuable attribute of a network marketing professional.

The process should be fun. We should be meeting new people, establishing long-lasting relationships and paving a way for those that have and will join you in your business. I am not saying that the process will always be filled with butterflies and rainbows... I am saying, enjoy it. Embrace it. 

Embrace the process?

Yes, embrace the process! You must first walk through it to receive it so that you can appreciate it. Honestly, what have you ever received out of thin air that was worth anything? 

I will wait...

Okay, so embrace the process on YOUR persona…

The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 7 | Relationships are Greater than Leads

I am no longer going to keep up with the days! I was off by a few hundred anyway. My network marketing journey began around 15 years ago!

Relationships are Greater than Leads

Those words, to an impatient marketer, are like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. The common misconception is that building solid relationships takes way too long. It's is quite the opposite, when you can show others that you are someone that you are genuinely interested in them and why they do what they do, about their family, and so on. You just can't fake it.

This is so much more rewarding than playing the numbers game. That's what the MLM heavy hitters want you to think is the pathway to success, talk to 100 people... get No's, and eventually you will get a yes. Bologna. That is crazy talk, and that is a direct sales game. Network Marketing is not a numbers game, it's a relationship business and without the relationships... you are dead.

How do I know? Because I played the numbers game, and…