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The Journey of a Network Marketer - Part 1

Day 7 of my new network marketing journey

So, I spent the first 5 posts talking about some experiences and helping folks find the book that changed my life... so I want to make the next 5 - 10 posts about the process.

My process as a network marketing mentor started when I just got fed up with how I, and many others were seen. You know, not being "MLM Heavy Hitters." It can be quite frustrating and if you listen to what they tell you, man... you can end up being broke with a ton of credit card bills that rival the national debt.

So, let me be completely honest... This is a day 7. Yep. Day 7 after a couple of years of research and meeting my mentor that has taken the time and patience to teach me the skills to be a network marketing pro.

Let me be real as ever right now. It's not the easiest thing in the world, branding yourself. You have to believe in yourself. You have to have a genuine desire to help others. After all of the heartache and back slides, it was a transition that didn't happen overnight. In fact, it's a process that I have to work on every minute of the day.

Why do I do it? Because I believe that people are worth it. The pure joy of seeing someone that I help succeed is equivalent of raising my children.

So today, day 7. I have built up some social media pages. Nothing major, just really laying the foundations. Observing others and really learning what makes other people tick. Seeing what drives people to do what they do and also taking notes from experienced mentors in the process.

The first 6 days I really focused on helping some people that I already knew. That, my friends is a real challenge. People that know me? The people that saw my ridiculous posts about random stupidness and how my attitude went through a bit a downfall after the last company I worked with blew up and went down. This... it was the challenge. I proved to myself that I can show them that I am sincere. This makes a great headway into the open waters of helping those in which I do not know and start to build relationships all over the world.

Finding out the network marketing is not what some sponsors led me to believe in the past (you know, go make a list of 100 people and wear them out where the don't want to answer the phone when you call) has been eye opening and has brought me to a place where I am learning all over again. I may be weird, but I really enjoy learning new things, especially when it is for the sake of my family and the families of those that I will become partners with.

One more thing about Day 7, I have found that the things I did day 1-6 in order to help others were not done as well as they were today, so it's progressive.

I am grateful for the opportunity to find others that have been through similar situations as I and be there to let them know that they are not alone and we will do this together. That, more than any amount of money, is rewarding.

Day 7 of my new network marketing journey is one of new opportunities showing up in places that I would have never looked before because the journey isn't one I will be making on my own.

I am excited to see what Day 8 brings and I look forward to sharing with everyone!

John Wiser

Remember - You are worth it, and you are successful. You just need to believe it!


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